Amanda Hurwitz in The Great Middlemarch Mystery


Amanda Hurwitz appears in The Great Middlemarch Mystery.

Step into the reimagined world of one of the greatest English novels ever written, on the streets of Coventry.

Part-immersive theatre experience and part-mystery game, The Great Middlemarch Mystery puts a modern twist on George Eliot’s Middlemarch and its story of the hopes, dreams, disappointments and scandals lived out within a Midlands town.

Follow the interwoven lives of the townsfolk of Middlemarch as they meet with triumph and ruin, and help them unearth a terrible secret at its heart. Who is the stranger with unfinished business in Middlemarch? And what is the meaning of his untimely death?

Gather clues as the drama unfolds between four historic venues in central Coventry before coming together to solve the mystery in this interactive adventure from Dash Arts.