Amanda Hurwitz in Wildfire


Amanda Hurwitz plays Mary in film Wildfire. She is directed by Cathy Brady and the film is produced by Samson Films.

Born within a year of each other, Lauren (Nora-Jane Noone) and Kelly (Nika McGuigan) are ‘Irish twins’. You’d never see one without the other, but over the years the mystery of their mother’s death tore them apart. Kelly keen to escape their insular town and disappeared a year ago. Lauren’s life has been on hold since reporting her missing.

When Kelly unexpectedly returns home, it’s a surge of every raw emotion between the sisters. But as they begin to relive memories of their mother, the sister’s become inseparable. Their bond stronger than ever and Kelly’s desire for the truth is dangerously reignited. As Kelly digs deeper, not everyone is ready. In this border town, secrets are meant to stay buried and Lauren has been keeping the biggest one of all.

As the truth about their mother begins to surface, Kelly’s mood darkens. But Lauren is blinded, around Kelly she feels alive again, her marriage and job pale in comparison. The town is starting to notice, rumours about the girls’ strange behaviour spread like wildfire. Even Lauren’s husband Sean is concerned about Kelly’s influence.

Lauren must decide whether to confront their Mother’s past with Kelly or risk losing her for good. Time is running out and no one can be trusted. The sisters must choose to escape and face the truth or be consumed by the town and its lies.