Amy Parker in Ride at The Vault Festival

Amy Parker in Ride at The Vault Festival

Amy Parker plays the leading role of Annie Londonderry in Ride for Bottlecap Theatre at The Vault Festival, Waterloo.

One woman. One bicycle. One hell of a story.

It’s 1895 and 24 year old Annie Londonderry has returned victorious to America, hailed as the first woman ever to cycle around the world.

She’s pioneering, she’s plucky, and she's pitching her story to the New York World. But as she shares her adventures, the cracks begin to show, and she's forced to confront a past she'd rather leave unexplored. 


“As firecracker Annie Londonderry, Amy Parker is a gift from musical theatre heaven... if it is possible to consider any performance under a train station to be star-making, this one certainly is…” - Mickey-Jo Theatre ★★★★★


“Amy Parker is magnificent as Annie. She draws from deep wells of emotion, but delivers it in oh-so-subtle measures..” - Fringe Guru ★★★★★


“Parker is phenomenal. She commands the stage with her charm, charisma and incredible stamina – the phrase, ‘some people have just got it’ was no doubt written with Parker in mind… Amy Parker utilised every bit of the witty and punchy script to either command or entertain.” - Musical Theatre Musings


"Parker’s performance is beautifully dynamic, her Annie remaining unequivocally layered, she is charming and tenacious, yet burdened and visibly desperate. Parker also displays incredible vocal tonality.” - Ask The Ushers ★★★★★


“Parker is perfect as Annie, she has an incredible voice, endless energy, and perfect timing, she can switch from one character to another without missing a beat.” - London Theatre 1 ★★★★★


“Amy Parker’s gloriously voiced Annie takes us on quite the ride… And it must be heard" - Ought To Be Clowns


“Both performers capture the personality of their characters perfectly… and show off fine singing voices to do full justice to the lively score.” - The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★