Joey Hickman in Brief Encounter

Joey Hickman in Brief Encounter

Joey Hickman appears in Brief Encounter, a co-production with The Stephen Joseph Theatre, Octagon Theatre Bolton and Theatre by the Lake, Keswick and adapted for the stage by Emma Rice.

Laura and Alec are married – but not to each other. A chance meeting at a railway station hurls them headlong into a whirlwind romance that threatens to blow their worlds apart. Will they give in to love’s first rush and risk everything? Has this relationship changed the tracks of their lives forever?

This playful production turns Noël Coward’s film Brief Encounter inside out, adding joyous musical numbers and physical comedy while still maintaining the truly classic romance of the original.

" The first of nine songs is a stunning song-and-dance for Beryl and Stanley (Joey Hickman) on the delightfully silly sort-of-love-song Any Little Fish." - The Reviews Hub 

"Hey everybody, theatre is back at its classiest, most accomplished best”. And what’s more, it’s regional theatre. It doesn’t get much better than that." - On Magazine